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Staff Change at TLC

Big changes are coming for The Lost Coalition! Don’t worry, they’re good changes that will help us keep moving TLC in the direction of continuing to hopefully grow and do more for not only the streamers but also the community (and my mental state…Hah). Effective today, we will be doing ...
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Please Welcome Our New Members ∠(・`_´・ )

The Lost Coalition Follower Minecraft Server has been running for roughly 6 months now and it's about time we add some new members to the team who help run things and keep them smooth behind the scenes and sometimes in front. It has been a dream of ours to be ...
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Why Join TLC? Are you a content creator? Well then, you already have a reason. (Alright, that's a pretty terrible reason but..I mean that is the first step) In all seriousness, TLC is a home for content creators of any size who are looking to grow or even just who ...
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Benefits & Concepts of TLC

What We Stand For: We Don’t Believe Numbers Determine Success: We are not a follow for follow group. We feel that model gives a false sense of success. We feel you should only follow if you truly intend on watching someone. Not just because they hosted you, followed you, retweeted ...
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Stream Setup Tips

Make sure you are launching the Bit version of OBS that matches what your Windows is running in (32 or 64 bit) Open up Settings from the file drop down General Nothing really to change here unless you really want to. This is all personal preference and not much that ...
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