Viewer Request Night – Pt. 6

Viewer Request Night – Pt. 6
















What’s on the Menu: Viewer Request Night – Pt. 6!

Pesto Meatballs (viewer request, thank you Mom!):
Baked Sweet Hawaiian Chicken:




Meatballs! These were so good, and the pesto had just the right amount of flavor. Mine did turn out a little dry, and as you can see that in my flat pan, all the grease and oils from the pesto and turkey pooled off and over into my oven. I had another pan of meatballs that has lips to it, and contained all the oil. This also meant the meatballs cooked in the oil, submerged partially. When I make this again in the future, I plan on putting some racks in a pan with lips so the oils/grease can drip down but leave the meatballs dry. I’m curious how that will help!






Also in that meatball dish is some roasted red peppers and broccoli. Those red peppers turned out wonderful and were good both hot and cold!




This dish, the Baked Sweet Hawaiian Chicken, is a wonderful meal that is good to eat all week. It has a few steps to it, like having to precook the chicken (after being covered in cornstarch and egg) so seal the chicken before it cooks, but it is worth all the work! However, not recommended if you need a quick meal since it does have multiple steps to it.





…and because I was bored I made some rotis! You can see the recipe back on one of my previous posts ( I used an Indian Spice Mix I had in the pantry in these, and when they were done, I wrapped up some of the Hawaiian Chicken inside – very very very yummy!




Meal Prep: I divided up the meatballs, broccoli, and red bell peppers up and eat those. These were all good both hot and cold throughout the week!




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