Pasta, Rolls and Muffins

Pasta, Rolls and Muffins
















What’s on the Menu: Pasta, Rolls & Muffins

Homemade Crescent Rolls:
Tortellini with Pesto & Roasted Veggies:
Banana Muffins:




Crescent Roll Time! Why? …because I wanted some yummy rolls? These were a lot of fun to make from scratch and did not take too much time. Yes, there are two rising times, once after mixing and once after you roll them up, but you can do other things in your kitchen during the rises. I did use cinnamon sugar on these to make them more of a sweet treat than to go with dinner. After rolling the dough out and cutting into triangles, I sprinkled a good amount all over, then rolled them up.






I just LOVE this pasta, and it is a great way to get your veggies in! I also work in an environment that I don’t have access to a microwave with, and this is a great dish because it can be eaten cold. Just roast all your veggies, boil up your tortellini, and voila, you have a great dish!




Sure, just a simple banana muffin, but oh so good for a breakfast on the go. I had some bananas that were nice and brown, so they were the perfect sweetness for these muffins. Don’t fear your mushy bananas, put them to good use!

Meal Prep: No picture this week, but I just loaded up the pasta into a bunch of containers and that was all we needed this week!




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