National Sourdough Bread Day

National Sourdough Bread Day
















What’s on the Menu: National Sourdough Bread Day

Instant Pot Cajun Sausage, Potatoes, and Green Beans:
Blueberry Lemon Donut Muffins:
Tips for Sourdough Starters (viewer support, thank you Redd!):




Let me introduce… Audrey!! I have always wanted to try out making sourdough, which then would require a starter. Redd gave me this great website to guide me, so on stream I got Audrey (technically Audrey II…) starter. We shall see how the next days go in feeding her…






I have always been scared of pressure cookers, but I was gifted an instant pot and like to try it out every now and again. This recipe called for only 3 minutes of cook time. Do not be fooled! As I have learned, that means you need time to build up pressure, cook, and the depressurize afterwards. This one wanted a quick release of the pressure rather than natural, which always means watch out for sputtering! I was also skeptical of a 3 minute cook time with potatoes and fresh crisp green beans. How did it turn out? Very very good… I went a little heavy handed on spices, but the texture of all the food inside was just right.




I also ended up making some cheesy pasta on the side to help cover up and tame the heavy spices! Was a nice combo!





These “donut” muffins are also very good. I chop up my blueberries into smaller bits because I personally don’t like big bites of blueberry. I find this also gets them evenly spread out. Mine don’t have their glaze either this time. In the past, I have glazed them, which made them even better!




Meal Prep: I divided up the Cajun sausage mix with the pasta into individual dishes for the week. Nice and simple!




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