Staff Change at TLC

Staff Change at TLC

Big changes are coming for The Lost Coalition! Don’t worry, they’re good changes that will help us keep moving TLC in the direction of continuing to hopefully grow and do more for not only the streamers but also the community (and my mental state…Hah).


Effective today, we will be doing a massive overhaul on the staff layout for the Discord and TLC overall. The reasoning for this being that we hope this will allow us to spread ourselves out a little more and cover more ground to grow the concept that is The Lost Coalition. We are looking to take TLC in a more businesslike direction with goals and measurable concepts of success for all involved. This will hopefully trickle down to everyone in the group in some way or another.


How is this new staff layout going to look? Here is the new layout with the team members, their roles and what each person is in charge of.


Admin Team:

– Admin/TLC Lead: GeneralElost
– Leader of Innovation and Stream Team Liaison: SeaOlympian
– Discord Engagement and Stream Team Application Lead: QualityMess
– Admin Moderator: Penguiniusrex

Global Moderators:

– TLC Presents Coordinator: FatManNice
– TheZeldaMuse
– TheHinaFreak
– Dom104


You may notice that FatMan is listed as a Global Moderator now. He has decided to step back and focus on FatMan (I think we could all follow this lead at some point in our life). He will still remain as Co-Founder but will just be listed as Global Moderator and TLC Presents Coordinator. (Might just lead to more FatMan streams too so much sure to hype him up about that!)


We will also be removing the old Minecraft server related roles during this time when we don’t have a Minecraft server. We may look at this again sometime in the future but unfortunately, financially it is just not responsible at this moment in time. I apologize to everyone still sad about this.


Please join me in welcoming all of the new members of the staff team! As always, we’re going to keep doing our best to support our streamers while providing you with the best content we possibly can! We look forward to keeping you all updated on the goings on of The Lost Coalition!