Why Join TLC?
Are you a content creator? Well then, you already have a reason. (Alright, that’s a pretty terrible reason but..I mean that is the first step) In all seriousness, TLC is a home for content creators of any size who are looking to grow or even just who are looking to find a team of like minded people. Our goal is to gather a bunch of creators and followers together who all look at games and content creation in a similar light. This means that whenever you’re looking for someone to play games with, co-stream with, etc. you already have a couple of go-to people for that. Because, let’s face it…there’s some times when you just don’t want to play single player anymore. Beyond that, TLC is just a good support structure for all involved. Looking to upgrade your streaming setup, computer, or, well, anything. There might just be a member of the team who can help with that.

What is expected of me if I am accepted?
We don’t hold tight reins over our team members because we feel it limits their ability to be creative and express themselves. If you want to add [TLC] to your Twitter or Twitch, great! If not? Not a big deal. What matters is we know you are part of the team. Just know that the more you contribute to the team and its growth, the more likely you are to get growth from the team in return. Not because we focus on those who do, it’s just the natural progression of Twitch as a whole.

What if I am a content creator on a platform other than Twitch?
We come from a Twitch background, so while we welcome streamers from services such as YouTube, HitBox, Mixer, etc. Know that we will not be as useful of a resource for some situations as we don’t have that knowledge. We will always do our best to support everyone in the team, but until we get a team that is well rounded in all forms of casting and content creation, our knowledge is limited.

Do I need to be a pro gamer or skilled at all to join?
Pro gamer or casual, it matters not. We want all creators to feel welcome regardless of how they play their games. Now we would hope that no matter how you play, you keep it….friendly if you get what I mean. We respect that games sometimes cause us to lose our cool, but it should never be at the expense of the viewer or those you are playing with.

Do I need to be Affiliated or Partnered to join?
We know that every streamer has to start somewhere, so we don’t discriminate based on viewership or partnership with Twitch. Anyone can join regardless of their status with Twitch in regards to being Affiliated or Partnered.

What are some basic requirements?
Must have a way to communicate with the audience (IE: Microphone), this is simply so that you can interact with the viewers. As we’ve mentioned, the viewers are key so of course we’d like you to put them as a priority.
Must have a passion for the stream. There’s been a large number of streamers and content creators joining the “market” in search for financial gains or popularity. This isn’t what we’re about. While we understand you can’t stream 24/7, if you hate not being able to stream for a few days, you’re looking at the right group.
Cameras are NOT required. We don’t feel that cameras are required to create the appropriate environment for content. They are welcome though.

Why do I need to be over 18 to join?
With our team being made up of a variety of streamers from different backgrounds and different ages, we feel it best to keep everyone above a certain age. On top of this, while this is not a business or anything of the sort, we don’t want to delve into the realm of consent. In time, we may look at this rule and see if we want to change it, but for the time being, we feel it is best for us to set a minimum age.